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(The following are Baylor Dissertations)

Stanley E. Adams, The Doctrine of Original Righteousness and its Place in Current Baptist Thought, 1982.

Wilbur, K. Benningfield, An Analysis of the Eschatology of the Baptist Missionary Association of America 1950-1980, 1983

Rosalie Beck, The Whitsitt Controversy:  A Denomination in Crisis, 1984

Philip Ray Bryan, An Ecclesiology of the Associational Baptists, 1900-1950. 1973

David Eldon Crosby, Church Government in the Church Growth Movement:  Critique from a Historic Baptist Perspective, 1989

Clyde, M. DeLoach, Jimmy Carter:  The Effects of Personal Religious Beliefs on His Presidency and their Relationship to the Christian Realism of Reinhold Niebuhr, 1985

Larry, J. Frazier, Adjustments and Responses of Southern Baptist Churches in East Texas to the East Texas Oil Boom of the 1930s, 2002

Brian W. Harper, The Church as a Social Ethic:  The “baptist” Theology of James W. McClendon, 1995

Merrill M. Hawkins, Jr., The Social and Religious Thought of Will D. Campbell, 1994

Susie Jaynes, An Analysis of the Christological Motif in the Preaching of Wallace Bassett, 1988

Galen K. Johnson, Prisoner of Conscience:  John Bunyan on Subjectivism, Individualism, and Christian Faith, 2002

Eiko Kanamaru, George Washington Bouldin and his Missionary Struggle with Southern Baptist Denominationalism in Japan:  1906-1933, 1999

Michael Lynn Kirkindoll, A History of the Effects of Urbanization on Southern Baptists in Atlanta, Georgia, 1945-1988, 1989

Ernest Kurt Pasiciel, The Interrelationship between Sociocultural Factors and Denominationalism:  A Comparison of the Early and Modern Sociocultural Profiles of the North American Baptist General Conference 1874-1974, 1974

T. Brian Pendleton, Nativist Crescendos:  Southern Baptist Perceptions of a Changing America from the Bolshevist Scare to the Presidential Election of 1928, 2005

Ricky Paris, The Contributions of J. B. Gambrell to the Development of Denominational Consciousness among Southern Baptists, 1988

Martin Lyndon McMahone, Liberty More than Separation:  The Multiple Streams of Baptist Thought on Church-State Issues 1830-1900, 2001

Wilfred Miles, Variables Affecting Vocational Persistence among a Representative Groups of Southern Baptist Ministers, 1978

Glenn Jonas, A Critical Evaluation of Albert Henry Newman, Church Historian, 1990

Donald L. Martin, Jr., The Thought of Amzi Clarence Dixon, 1989

Moisés Rodríguez, The Cultural Context of Southern Baptist Work among Mexican Americans in Texas, 1997

Paul L. Sadler, The Abortion Issue within the Southern Baptist Convention, 1969-1988, 1991

Eddie Stepp, Interpreting a Forgotten Mission:  African-American Missionaries of the Southern Baptist Convention in Liberia, West Africa 1846-1860, 1999

Travis Lamar Summerlin, Church-State Relations in the Thought of Joseph Martin Dawson, 1984

David Stricklin, An Interpretive History of the Christian Life Commission of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, 1950-1977, 1981

Jeffrey Wayne Taylor, Self-Definition in the Formation of the Primitive Baptist Movement as Expressed in the Major Periodicals, 1832-1848, 2000

James Jeffrey Tillman, Academic Freedom in Church-Related Colleges and Universities:  A Theological and Educational Analysis, 1991

Slayden A. Yarbrough, Henry Jacob, A Moderate Separatist, and His Influence on Early English Congregationalism, 1972

Charles King Whitten, A Study of the Ethos of George W. Truett, 1969

Kenneth Vaughn Weatherford, The Graves-Howell Controversy, 1991


Lucas Allen McBee, The American Baptist Fellowship:  A Case Study of Conservative Renewal, 1995

Yasunari Morikijara, A Phenomonelogical Study of Tenrikyo and Southern Baptist Faith and Life, 1994

Montero, Radicalism in Pernambuco:  A Study of the Relationship between Nationals and Southern Baptist Missionaries in the Brazilian Baptist Struggle for Autonomy, 1991

L. Steven Sadler, The Life and Ministry of Zachariah N. Morrell, 1980


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